Share authentic flavors

Taste the World on your Plate

LEO’s invites you on a culinary journey around the world. Get ready for us to share dishes, stories and knowledge to inspire you through authentic food. Our chefs take great pride in learning age-old recipes, staying true to their essence, but adding a personal touch of their own to make it distinctly LEO’s.


Looking for a convenient spot to experience something truly exciting? Taste your way around the world from our easy-to-reach restaurant. Come by bike, car or public transport for high ceilings and plenty of daylight right by the famous Amstel canal. We will keep you feeling energized and ready for dish after dish. Enjoy the night from comfortable seating made private through clever use of space and fun decor.

Right between Scheveningen beach and The Hague is our sweet spot where LEO’s enjoys the green tranquility of surrounding parks, just a stones throw from the big city buzz and the World Forum conference centre. Pick a table, booth or bar stool to make sure that your visit matches your mood for the day, and settle in for some new flavor experiences. Our top tip is to take a seat on the terrace when the sun is shining for a refreshing drink and authentic bites.

About our Concept

What better way to learn about a country and its culture than through food? How it is prepared, served and tastes tell a story that we are ready to share with you.

We collect the insider secrets of the authentic cuisine by collaborating with chefs from around the world to make sure we are learning from the masters. Broadening our horizons with each recipe, we seek to understand traditional ingredients and cooking techniques, using this to throw fantastic food festivals and keep the best dishes on our year-round menu.

Sample a variety of dishes with our shared dining portions. Let us start a conversation through an unexpected story of international cuisine.


Are you ready to celebrate food? We certainly are! Take a look at the events we have going on where you can taste and try your way around a country’s culture, hearing intriguing stories and learning fun facts to match your dish.

Groups & Meetings

LEO’s International Flavors is part of Leonardo Royal Hotels. That means we offer great meeting and event facilities for anything from a large conference to an intimate board meeting, and can cater the meeting breaks or meals to keep things exciting, energizing and memorable. We also throw great private dinners in our dedicated dining space. Get in touch and we will plan something of international standards.

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It is advised to make a reservation to ensure you have a table at your preferred time.

You can make a booking for a maximum of 7 people directly through the location page of our website. For groups of 8 or more, reservations can be made via email or phone at your  LEO’s preferred location. Click here to get to our contact page.

Unfortunately, it is not allowed to bring your dog into our restaurants. A guide dog is allowed, of course.

It is possible to pay by cash and card in our restaurants. Payment by card can be made either by debit card or by credit card.