Discover the World

Authentic Flavours

LEO’s is a truly international place where we welcome everyone and thrive off the mixing of cultures. Our storytelling nature takes you on a culinary journey and acts as a conversation starter. Sharing dishes, sharing stories, sharing knowledge and authentic recipes from around the globe.

Our chefs take great pride in learning age-old recipes, staying true to their essence, but adding a personal touch of their own to make it distinctly LEO’s. Above all, Leo’s is about having fun, making a connection and discovering more to broaden horizons and enrich your life.

We invite international chefs to collaborate with our own cooks, we are inspired by traditional ingredients and cooking techniques perfected over many years. We keep discovering new and exciting flavor combinations and food rituals. And best of all, we cannot wait to share all of this with you too!

We use our knowledge to celebrate every cuisine through food festivals where you can learn, expand your palate and have a fun night out with music and entertainment. The best of the bunch make their way onto our restaurant menu. Sample a selection of the best dishes in Amsterdam or The Hague along with our chef’s own creations including our own secret recipe gin or tea blend. To make sure you are transported around the world throughout your dining experience, we put that extra bit of effort into authentic presentation.

Are you ready to travel through your taste buds?